Anti-Water All Weather Glass Beads

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Anti-Water All Weather Glass Beads, The rainy night all-weather reflective micro-crystalline ceramic beads are used in hot-melt coatings to overcome the defects of traditional markings. The traditional marking line is poor in reflection after being wet or wetted by water. It is difficult for the driver to distinguish the lane on a rainy day. Especially in the unilluminated expressway and the national highway, the marking line loses the indication and regulates the traffic. The rainy night has become a high accident area. Even on a rainy night, the lighting can be illuminated as usual so that the vehicles can ensure the safety of rainy nights.


OverView Anti-Water All Weather Glass Beads

The all-weather highlight reflective glass bead is a new reflective material that can significantly improve the road safety level and is an upgraded product of ordinary glass beads.

The Advantage of all Weather Glass Beads

Compared with ordinary glass beads, the reflective glass beads have the following excellent characteristics:

  1. Perfect and reasonable optical design, so that the product has all-weather highlight reflective performance.
  2. Unique optical structure to ensure continuous reflection in sunny, rainy and humid climates
  3. The distance of reflection is far. Theoretically, it can reach the longest distance the driver needs.
  4. The product is made of unique optical materials and processes, and the reflective performance is not easy to attenuate.
  5. Applicable to all kinds of marking paints and marking equipment, without any changes to the marking equipment
  6. The white line and the yellow line correspond to the respective unique beads, which does not affect the colour of the marking line itself, and ensures that the light of the same colour as the marking line is reflected at night, avoiding the phenomenon that the yellow bar at night looks “white”. The driver is more likely to distinguish the colour of the marking.

The Specification of all Weather Glass Beads

Diameter (μm)MINMAX
  1. Keep in dry condition, no moisture
  2. Package: 25kgs bags(PP/paper),or jumbo bag,with pallet.

The Application of all Weather Glass Beads

  1. Airport Runway painting
  2. Airfield Marking
  3. Airport Marking
  4. High way road marking paint
Weight1000 kg

Colored, Frosted, Transparent


Big bag, 25kg bag, Pallet

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