Glass Bead Filter Media For Water Treatment

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Glass Bead Filter Media For Water Treatment are a perfect choice for water treatment. Traditional filter material, such as quartz sand or granules, is highly susceptible to fungi, bacteria, germs, algae, and calcification porous, irregular structure. The glass beads filtration solution has a significant impact on investment cost reduction for new plants. Customer benefits are from a large scale: less equipment, reduced plant size (footprint), improved filtrate, efficient removal of organics, improved operation cycles (less backwash).


Water Treatment Glass Bead Filter Media Size

No.diameter(mm)corresponding sieve size

Below listed Few Advantages of Using Glass Pearl Filter Media:

  • Small size particle don’t need to remove after filling in new glass beads
  • No flushing required after filling in new glass beads
  • Higher velocity at a same differential pressure level
  • The higher capacity of retention of suspended solids (long filter cycle time)
  • Significant reduction of investment & running costs compared to classic media
  • Optimal backwash cleaning due to large and regular pore spaces (organic removal)
  • Optimal infiltration in a concise time
  • Considerably reduced quantity of backwash water and energy
  • Long lifetime and increased maintenance intervals
  • The glass beads can be conditioned or recycled

Work Principle of Glass Beads For Filter Media

  1. The glass bead filter is made of glass as raw material, and the artificially produced glass beads are used as the filter medium. When the water flows through, the interception effect of the homogeneous glass beads and the electrostatic adsorption generated by it can treat the water’s impurities and form clear water after filtration.
  2. Glass bead filtration can save a lot of water for backwashing. The smooth surface can also effectively adhere to pollutants and bacteria’s adhesion, reduce biofouling, and the biofilm is not easy to load the surface. The filtering effect is superior.

Colored, Frosted, Transparent


1 Ton, 25 Ton, Sample


25kg bag, Big bag, Pallet


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