What are glass beads used for?

Glass beads are commonly used in a blast cabinet or reclaimable type of blast operation. They impart a consistently bright matte finish on aluminum and steel substrates. Crushed glass is most desirable for removing heavy coatings, paint layers or rust to expose a clean and bare surface

Shot blasting and Finishing of Medical apparatus and instruments, Textile machinery, Food machinery and all kinds of hardware

-Cleaning of Turbine of engine,Aircraft engine vane, Axle, Bearings etc.

-Polishing of Jewelry, Horologe, Lamps and lanterns, Cosmetic, Glasses accessories

-Blast cleaning, Paint removal, Carbon removal, Tool marks removal

-Sandblasting of aerospace parts, Weld pass cleaning, Surface scratch removal etc

-Wire-electrode cutting mould cleaning, Rubber mold fouling cleaning

– Bath sink, Spray paint, Decoration and so on

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